By Cairo West on March 3, 2021

Kenda Interiors: Customized Furniture and Stunning Home Accessories

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If your curiosity didn’t force you to park and take a look, then you’ve definitely driven past Kenda Interiors in Sahel and wondered what they had in there! Don’t worry, you don’t have to wait till next summer to find out!

Offering quality furniture, fixtures and home accessories that are proudly rooted in Egyptian cultural heritage, together with a love for materials, textures and patterns; Kenda Interiors by NADIM develops bespoke concepts and customizations at any scale, from loose furniture to entire villas.

Working closely with couples and families to enrich the areas that would delight you daily, Kenda Interiors provides the opportunity to collaborate closely with designers, providing a customized and tailored experience that fits you and your home just right.
Focusing on luxury and quality, Kenda’s designs create a distinctively charming and authentic atmosphere that somehow balances between modern and nostalgia, bringing functionality, elegance and sophistication to the home.

Appreciating true excellence in local artistry and aiming to show off and support the best of local Egyptian craftsmanship, Kenda Interiors partners with both leading names and small workshops to curate elegant home accessories in the finest quality from stunning paintings and embroidered cushions, to handblown chandeliers and aromatic salt lamps that are all proudly and locally produced.

Book a consultation with a Kenda designer to customize something truly unique, or visit a showroom to get inspired by their latest designs. Find Kenda Interiors in Concord Plaza, Arkan Plaza, Mall of Egypt, & Dandy Mall.


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