Product Designer

Job Responsibilities

  • Research the latest and forecasting upcoming technologies and trends in design.
  • Implementing market research and understanding what is sold and needed in the market.
  • Reviewing and analyzing sales within Kenda to know what is in demand.
  • Experiment using different materials and production techniques.
  • Frequently looking for new suppliers for mechanisms, materials, accessories, and hardware.
  • Finding innovative solutions and developments to older furniture pieces.
  • Creating fully realized design briefs that include concepts, mood boards, material boards, and sketches.
  • Creating technical drawings and 3D models to further realize the products.
  • Prototyping using materials from the factory.
  • Review shop drawings and coordinate with different departments to ensure the progression of items.
  • Manage and oversee the production of items, making sure due dates are met and quality is up to standard.
  • Creating concepts for exhibitions and trade shows.
  • Creating 2D layouts for exhibition spaces.
  • Managing and overseeing the production of exhibition booths.
  • Communicating and coordinating with contractors.
  • Keep Kenda at the forefront of the design industry

Job Requirements

  • Excellent in English
  • BA in Product Design or a relevant field
  • Ability to adapt to new internal systems and processes
  • Passionate about design
  • To have an understanding of furniture and interior layout proportions
  • Excellent eye for aesthetic design and customer appeal
  • Strong knowledge of the industry and market trends
  • Has the willingness to learn