Why Choose Kenda

Unmatched Coordination

Our team coordinates all aspects to make sure your orders are perfect when they reach you.

Worldwide Experience

Our team coordinates all aspects of design and production to make sure your home suits you just right.

Customizable Pieces

Our versatility allows us to develop bespoke ideas, concepts and customizations at any scale.

Locally Produced

Aiming to showcase the best of Egyptian craftsmanship, all our products are locally produced.

Serene Living Room

The ultimate tranquil collection. Understated yet elegant, the Serene collection’s  clean lines and basic form unify the look of the room. Step Inside

Welcome to Kenda Interiors

This website offers a new take to our 40 years of craftsmanship; giving you access to our customized furniture, fittings and home accessories at your fingertips. Book a Consultation

Our Inspiration

By Cairo West on March 3, 2021

Kenda Interiors: Customized Furniture and Stunning Home Accessories

By Egyptian Streets on October 22, 2020

Celebrate Egypt’s Heritage with Bespoke Pieces by Kenda Interiors